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From the begining it was clear for me that I should write my blog in English too.
Even if it means much more work :-).
I love foreign languages and international relationships. I speak quite fluently English and German as well as a bit of Italian, if I really need it. I love travels to discover new countries, cultures and especially to meet people.
Living in Paris gives you this chance to meet a lot of people coming from all over the world, as Paris is for some years now one of the most visited City in the world.
As a tourist when I travel I am always looking a way to see a bit more of the city as what you can find in the tourist guide. So I know from my foreign friends that they love to be able to see and experiment the Paris of the « Parisiens ».
The purpose of this blog is to let you discover the Paris I love and a bit of introduction to the life of a Single Parisian woman.

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