Best Ice- Creams in Paris (English version)

For a long time when we wanted to eat ice cream in Paris, everyone would recommend, without hesitation, Berthillon.
And judging from the line at the shop on the Ile Saint Louis, we might think that it is always the case.
The address must still appear in big letters in tourist guides of Paris, but so far I do not believe that you can find the best ice cream there any longer in Paris.

In France eating ice cream has always been a pleasure reserved for the summer, unlike our neighbor Italians who eat ice cream all year and all time. I think this trend has finally hit just above the capital since the arrival of Italian brands on the market.

I am not an expert on ice cream but when I tasted the GROM, the famous Italian brand since 2003, I knew I had to do with ice haute couture Parisienne to use a picture . This ice-cream maker has been in Paris since 2008 and very soon he found himself at the top of the charts of all ice-cream makers in Paris.
I must say that he’s not an ordinary ice-cream maker. He chooses the best seasonal produce, makes his ice cream without preservatives or additives.
What I particularly like is the flavor of the product, such as pistachio which often tastes artificial. Also the ice cream is not too sweet as it often is, the texture is creamy and smooth, and there is not a feeling of too much fat.
So yes, I am a big fan. I recently brought a Sicilian friend who loves ice cream and we had to return twice during the weekend.

But perhaps the first place will be delighted by this new Grom to address or at least equaled! Vasava Gelateria Siciliana
I went to taste their ice cream and I found the same feeling in a very Grom good ice cream without excess sugar, original flavors such as meringue, « Marrons glaçés » and the wellknown -Cassata Siciliana (ricotta and candied fruit) I discovered this flavor in Grom.
The managers of the store are really friendly and it was full of ideas for all seasons. I really want to go taste the Sicilian Cannoli with ricotta and lemon.

34 rue de la Bourdonnais
75007 Paris

81 rue de Seine
75006 Paris

Very shorly I tasted the ice cream by Pozzeto, the glacier of « Marais ». I enjoyed it a lot and this one will without any doubt figure in my list of the best « Glacier » de Paris.

39 rue du Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris

There are other glaciers in Paris that are also excellent homemade ice cream, I propose a short list that might be useful: Ice cream in Paris

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