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As in most big cities to meet new people is not an easy thing and particularly in Paris, as the Parisians are not wellknown for their conviviality and curiosity.
Parisians people are going out in groups and are not very open to speak to others. And I must confess I am not really a night birds I don’t like clubs. So to meet new people I discover the meet up groups via

And as I explained in my welcome memo I love to speak foreign languages and to have multicultural relationships and as meetup is wellknown among the expat community, this is the place to be for me 🙂

I belong to different groups but i am attending mostly to two of them.
The Internationals: 4 friends (2 Italians 1 French and 1 English are organizing everyweek « Apéros » in different venues a good way to discover new places and some special events on the weekend.
Bubbles and Niblbes: a mostly French Anglo Saxon group with the same concept of weekly meetings for afterwork party in Pubs or for wine tasting evenings.

It is always a nice way to meet people and to meet new friends giving me also the availability to speak English and German.

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